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Let it speak.

Let me hear the voice inside of you. 

What does it want to communicate?

The physical distance between us does not have to be our limit.

Let’s connect in this virtual world and explore your body, emotions, desires and fears .

Let’s talk to your conscious and subconscious mind, let’s ask questions. 


Are you looking for some clarity in any area of your life? 

Or perhaps you would like to connect more to your body? 

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I invite you to join me on a video call and let me gently guide you into an altered state of consciousness where we can get out of your routine and thought patterns. 


I love working with the body but recently I have realised that I don’t have to physically touch it to be able to communicate with it. 


This week only I’m offering 5 calls on donation basis! - email me to schedule the call

You can also message me on Instagram @massagemarta 


Hope to see you soon!